Tori Black biography and personal life

Tori Black Biography

Tori Black is a sought-after American porn actress with over 400 adult films to her credit as of 2018.

The girl has won numerous awards, entered the “dirty dozen” according to “Maxim” magazine (2010), and in 2011 the American magazine “Complex” included her in the top positions of the top 100 “hottest” porn stars. Tori is the only actress to have won the AVN award more than once.
Childhood and youth

Michelle Chapman (the girl’s real name) was born August 26, 1988 in the suburbs of Seattle, in the town of Kingston, where the population in 2010 was only 2099 people.

Unfortunately, Michelle’s biography is full of blank spots. It is unknown where her mother and father worked and how they raised their daughter. It’s no secret that Michelle’s parents still live near rainy Seattle. Chapman grew up an energetic child, fond of dancing and playing football with the boys in the yard. But her friendship with the girls did not get along. In addition, the future actress is addicted to the “men’s sports”: in his spare time from school Michelle honed punches on a punching bag.

In an interview, the actress confessed that she had her first kiss at the age of 5. At that time, she was sure she would marry the boy and they would have children.

The first time took place during her school years, but the “story” was disappointing.

Tori Black Films

The actress initially did not think about a career in adult cinema seriously, like, for example, Nina Hartley or Angelina Doroshenkova. The girl thought that starring in “clubbing” could be fun. In addition, Michelle said that she had had countless partners in college. After getting her high school diploma, she wanted to continue her studies at university.

Pornostar not hide the fact that the family Chapman lived poorly, so money for education, she had to earn their own labor (she studied journalism at Western Washington University). At 18, Michelle went on holiday to picturesque Florida. Parents advised their beloved daughter to find a job to pay for student accommodation, so the beauty went to the nightclubs as a go-go dancer. However, she was not allowed to take the job, because the girl was under 21.

Chapman began to work part-time modeling, the good, she allowed a beautiful figure and striking appearance. She was 175 cm tall and weighed 64 kg. However, this money was not enough, so Michelle decided to send her own candid photos to an adult agency, which she found by chance in an ad. Initially she worked as a porn model, and then started to participate in commercials. And so began her “juicy” creative biography on the vast expanse of the industry.

The first major step in the career of Tori occurred in December 2008, when the authoritative magazine Penthouse recognized Black girl of the month.

The head director, with whom Michelle worked in Florida, was surprised by Tori’s beauty and predicted her starry future. So the man advised Chapman to leave the sunshine state and move to California – to the city of Los Angeles. Without thinking twice, the future porn diva heeded the advice of a professional and packed a suitcase with the old things that were left over from college. The girl made the decision to move with ease. The fact that the shooting in Florida for the actresses of the genre paid very little.

Career in the City of Angels for Chapman went up the hill, today Tori Black – one of the most in-demand and popular actress, whose arsenal includes notable awards, such as “CAVR Hottie of the Year Award”, “XRCO Starlet of the Year Award” and many others. Michelle is also the only American porn actress to have won the AVN Award twice, while Sasha Grey, so often discussed on the web, has only won the award once.

Tori Black prefers to shoot hardcore porn, but there are some things she never accepts during the filming process. Among other things, it is known that the porn star has no contract with a particular studio, the actress works for hire.

The girl has also been involved in pornographic movies, so she had to show her acting skills and get in touch with her characters. For instance, she starred in Batman XXX: Adult Parody, where she reincarnated as Catwoman. Chapman was lucky enough to work on the same set as porn industry guru Ron Jeremy.

Tori Black’s acting talent came in handy when she was offered a chance to star in a regular movie. For example, she played a cameo in the TV series Ray Donovan.

In 2015, the actress starred in the horror film Los Angeles Slasher, about a ruthless killer who ‘takes out’ glamorous TV stars to see if the world is any better without TV fakery. In addition to Black, the cast includes Andy Dick, Mischa Barton, Danny Trejo and other popular stars.

Tori Black Personal life

Little is known about the actress’ personal life; Tori prefers not to advertise her family affairs. In the autumn of 2011, it was announced that the adult film star gave birth to a boy, and in the winter of 2013 she announced on her official website that she was expecting another child.

Also on her own Twitter, the girl said that she hardly drinks at all, but it is rumored that the porn diva and her lover Lindell Anderson were arrested because of a drunken brawl at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The couple in love had an argument, which turned into a conflict: Anderson was against the girl holding her baby while intoxicated. Michelle called the police, but later admitted to repenting her behavior.

The actress has a tattoo of a five-pointed star with interlocking rings on her lower right abdomen. Tori runs Instagram, where she regularly posts photos.

It is still unknown whether she is officially married to Lindell Anderson or if they have never registered their relationship.

Tori Black now

The actress has appeared in Ash Avildsen’s musical thriller, American Satan. It premiered in October 2017.

Also in 2017, Tori decided to chat with fans, answering all their questions. The conversation lasted an hour and the actress tried to be as candid as possible.

One of Tori Black’s followers asked if relatives or friends turned away from her after learning about her profession. The girl admitted that this has happened in her life. But she doesn’t blame family and friends for that, she understands that it is a cost of the profession. Society of the 21st century has stigmatized the sex industry and is not ready to accept adult cinema as art.

But Michelle’s friends supported her in all her endeavors and even helped her come up with a creative pseudonym.

After a long break that followed the birth of her second child, Tori returned to the porn industry. This was reported by the publication Vixen. In 2018, it was revealed that the porn star was titled Vixen Angel.

Tori Black Filmography

2007 – Fresh Outta High School 8
2008 – “I Love Young Girls 3”.
2008 – Nylon 4.
2009 – “The Eighth Day”.
2009 – “DreamGirlz 2”
2010 Batman: XXX parody.
2010 – “Psycho Love.”
2011 – “All Stars 2”
2011 – Paradise Island.
2012 – “Playing with Your Emotions.”
2012 – Me and My Girlfriend
2013 – “The Passion of Don Giovanni”.
2013 – The Twenty: Stars of XXX.
2015 – Los Angeles Slasher
2017 – American Satan

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