Nessa Devil

Nessa Devil Biography

Nessa Devil is a Czech porn actress who has had a brilliant career in the porn industry. Although her filmography does not include as many films as her American counterparts, the adult film performer has found her fans.

Nessa Devil Childhood and youth

Little is known about the porn star’s childhood and teenage years in her biography. Devil was born on December 9, 1988 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The actress’ real name is Nikola Jiraskova.

Nessa Devil Films

A career in the porn industry began for Nessa in 2007. When she turned 18, the girl auditioned for the film company Woodman Entertainment. Her first work was directed by popular porn actor and photographer Pierre Woodman. Despite an unconventional figure for the chosen genre, more suitable for a catwalk model, the young actress started filming regularly.

At a height of 173 kg Nessa weighed 48 kg. When she started acting in adult films, she had her breasts enlarged, which was a piquant contrast to her slender body. After becoming more familiar with the specifics of the genre, Devil started working with companies such as Privat, Penthouse and others. She also tried her hand at adult websites like Les Kiss and Sex Sense. She also got her own official website.

In order to be popular in the porn industry, the artist changed the name she got at birth. This is a standard procedure for female performers in explicit films, but here resorted to the creative pseudonym contributed to the fact that the real name of the girl was difficult for the audience. In addition to the well-known fan name, the actress has used such nicknames as Katrina, Nessa A, Nessa Sapphic and others.

In porno activities Nessa tried to shoot in different genres – from traditional nude pictures to paintings with group scenes. The performer has managed to unleash her acting potential, showing professionalism and understanding of the genre. Fans appreciated the girl’s looseness and naturalness of her acting. The porn star’s talent has also been recognised by film critics – she has received awards for her roles in the films.

Toward the end of a career in porn, which lasted until 2012, Devil became interested in fitness. She started working out regularly in a bid to get those abs flat on her stomach. The performer also re-engaged the services of plastic surgeons, who made the model’s breasts even more imposing.

In 2012 Nessa made an official announcement that she was leaving the porn industry and entering professional fitness. Devil marked a new phase in her life with a name change, taking the pseudonym Nicola Begaltsis. In 2014, she made her debut at a bikini fitness competition where she won a silver medal.

Nessa Devil Personal life

Nessa leads a private lifestyle, communicating little with the press. Therefore, fans do not know whether she has a lover, a family, children. On Instagram, the actress often posted photos with a handsome brunette, it turned out to be the brother of the celebrity.

Nessa Devil now

In 2019, Nessa continues to live a healthy lifestyle, regularly posting photos of healthy food and protein shakes to Instagram. The girl spends her free time with her girlfriends, parents, adores her little dog, and works out at the gym.

The athlete’s account features an amusing photo of a woman’s legs. The left one is wearing a plastic high-heeled slipper, as if hinting at the porn actress’ past life, while the right one is wearing a trainer – a symbol of a new page in her biography.

Nessa Devil Filmography

2007 – The Perfectionist.
2008 – “Wild Waves”.
2009 – “My Secret College Experience”.
2009 – “Hot Feet and Feet”
2010 – Barcelona Chic
2010 – “Bad Ways”.

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