Mia Khalifa personal life and biography

Mia Khalifa Biography

Mia Khalifa is an American porn actress originally from Lebanon, blogger and sports commentator. Recognized as best actress in the porn industry in 2016.

Mia Khalifa Childhood and youth

The girl was born in Beirut on 10 February 1993. Mia’s parents are Maronite Catholics. In her homeland, the girl attended a French school where she started to learn English. When Khalifa was 7, her family moved to Montgomery, Maryland, in the US. At school, Mia was bullied by her peers because of her ethnic background. Harassment intensified after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Father of the future screen star supports conservatives in the United States, and at home he was a supporter of the Lebanese Forces party. Studying Mia in her new location, she was sent to Northwest High School. After school, Mia went to the University of Texas to study art history and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Mia Khalifa Films

After graduation, Mia went to work in the Whataburger fast food cafeteria. One of the customers noticed a pretty girl with an Arab appearance and suggested she try her hand at making a porno movie. Mia agreed. In October 2014 she debuted on adult entertainment portal Pornhub, where her ratings skyrocketed within two months. The girl edged out the site’s famous model Lisa Anne and took the top spot.

Shortly after starting her career in the porn industry, there was a conflict in Mia Khalifa’s family. The girl’s parents disowned her because of their daughter’s new job. They see Mia’s activities as a result of moving to a country with an alien culture.

The percentage of views of videos featuring Mia Khalifa increased 2,000 times in the first month of broadcasts. In 2015, Libya, Iran, Syria and Jordan were the main requests. In the same year, the girl was ranked fifth in the list of the world’s most famous porn stars, and a year later there was an ad that used Khalifa’s glasses to create it, indicating that the image of the celebrity was recognisable.

Not tall actress (157 cm) has a medium weight (55 kg) and a bust size 5. Mia wants to look like American actress and model of Armenian origin Kim Kardashian and Colombian film star Sofia Vergara.

Mia has tattoos on her body that represent phrases from the Lebanese anthem and the provisions of the conservative Lebanese party. In 2012, after the Beirut bombing in which Mia’s compatriots and representatives of the Lebanese Forces Party were killed, she had a tattoo of the organisation’s symbol tattooed on her body as a sign of solidarity. Mia often shows these tattoos to her fans in photos posted on social media.

Mia is a Christian, but she often appears in Muslim clothes, angering people in the Middle East. The actress starred in provocative films for Bang Bros, which then caused outrage among oriental internet users. The media have already dubbed her a Muslim star of the adult genre.

The actress’ defiant behaviour has not gone unnoticed by Islamic fundamentalists. On Mia’s Twitter and Instagram pages, many users from the Middle East left angry remarks. The girl was perplexed by such interest in her own persona and the fact that there is no other issue in the Middle East than discussing her work.

The actress does not understand why the actions of a Christian who has lived in the US for most of her life cause such resentment among Muslims. And about films in which the actress plays in a hijab, Mia speaks as a satire. The girl draws viewers’ attention to Hollywood films that show Muslims in an unflattering way.

In 2015, the actress signed a contract with Bang Bros, but soon terminated it. As of early 2016, Khalifa decided to end her short-lived career by becoming a blogger. The girl rates her activities in the adult film industry as a biography period that has to do with youthful rebellion.

In 2016, a “Make Mia Khalifa ambassador to Saudi Arabia” petition surfaced online, calling on Donald Trump to send Khalifa to serve as ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 2017. The creators of the petition argued that Mia has a gift for bringing people of different political views together.

In early 2017, Mia was voted the most famous actress of 2016, although at this point she had already stopped filming. After her career in the porn industry ended, Khalifa began working as an accountant and paralegal, although she had previously stated that she would become a historian. Her new projects include sports programmes where she acts as a commentator.

Mia Khalifa Personal life

Mia got married in 2011. Her husband is an American, originally from Texas. The young man studied together with the girl. The couple moved to live in Miami, but in 2014, differences between husband and wife began, and two years later they divorced.

NBA player Gilbert Arinas posted the correspondence with Khalifa to the public. The girl offered the athlete a dinner together in a Los Angeles restaurant, which he declined. With such a post with sarcastic comments, the athlete took revenge on Khalifa for his colleagues – basketball player Wislon Cantreras, football players Duke Williams and Chad Kelly, with whom Mia repeatedly posted the correspondence on her personal profiles. The young men proposed dates to the girl and she defiantly ignored them.

In 2019, Mia Khalifa accepted a marriage proposal from Swedish Michelin-starred restaurant chef Robert Sandberg.

Mia Khalifa now

Mia Khalifa is currently airing the basketball show Out of Bounds, co-hosted by former NBA player Gilbert Arenas. On the airs, the stars commentate on various sporting events. Mia also posts workout videos of herself. She assures that she loves basketball to such an extent that she is willing to train even at home.

In 2018, the number of projects involving Mia Khalifa increased by another. The girl has become the host of Meme Academy, where she talks about popular memes, conducts classes on creating original pictures and contests for viewers of the iFunny portal on which her show is broadcast.


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