Jenna Haze biography and personal life

Jenna Haze Biography

Jenna Haze has never been shy about her sexuality. Already at the age of 19, she started acting in adult films, and at the peak of her career she earned a place in the ranking of the most beautiful porn stars of all time.

Jenna Haze Childhood and youth

Jenna Haze (Jennifer Corrales) was born on February 22, 1982 in Fullerton, USA. She is the youngest child in a large family – Jenna has two sisters and a brother. Shortly after her birth, her parents filed for divorce.

As a teenager, the girl’s academic performance deteriorated and she was relegated to home schooling. She tried to earn a living working in a diner, a shop and a restaurant, but she didn’t stay anywhere for long.

At 18, the girl tried striptease dancing in clubs but quickly quit. She did not like giving pleasure to men for little money.

Jenna Haze biography

Jenna Haze Films

Jenna began her career in the porn industry at the age of 19. Thanks to an acquaintance, she got in touch with the director Kavin Moorhead, who offered her a part in his film. The porn star’s pseudonym comes from a Jimmy Hendrix song Purple Haze.

On her first day on the job, Haze was supposed to star in an oral sex scene, but ended up agreeing to a group video. The very next day she was called back to the set. A few months after starting work, the porn actress gave up the services of an agent and began to handle the business herself. She soon signed a contract with Jill Kelly Productions (JKP).

Out of respect for her boyfriend, she gave up filming with men and only participated in lesbian porn. Over the years she was voted Best New Star and won the award for Best Solo Scene for her appearance in Big Bottom Sadie.

When her contract with the company ended Haze refused to renew it due to the departure of manager Jill Kelly and a financial conflict. She then returned to working with men, appearing in the porn film Jenna Haze Darkside, where her partner was a dark-skinned actor. That same year, the star was offered a job at Fox magazine. She ran a sex advice column.

A new page in her biography was the resumption of stripping with the Lee Network agency. Jennifer’s achievement in dance was a nomination for Best Artist from the Night Moves Awards. She also won the Female Performer of the Year award for her pornography work.

Over the next few years Haze continued to dance and participate in filming adult videos. She also started her own production company Jennaration X Studios in collaboration with ex-boyfriend Jules Jordan.

Haze was listed as one of the “50 Most Beautiful Porn Stars of All Time” and also ranked 20th on the “100 Hottest Adult Movie Stars” list.

In February 2012, Jenna made a video for YouTube, where she informed her fans that she was quitting her acting career. She added that she intended to continue directing and producing commercials. However, 6 years later, Haze appeared in the adult film Fallen II: Angels & Demons.

The actress has also tried her hand at “regular” movies. She landed small roles in the thriller The Pursued Deal and the horror flick Wolf’s Den. She also starred in the music video for My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless.

Jenna Haze Personal life

Jennifer does not hide the details of her personal life. Early in her career, she admitted to RogReviews that she was bisexual. Over the years, the media have attributed the actress to affairs with Dani Woodward, Nicole Sheridan, Nikki Jane and even Cindy Crawford.

She has also appeared with Peter North, Tommy Gunn and Jules Jordan.

In 2012, the actress began dating musician Greg Pucciato, but he never became her husband. The couple are still in a relationship in 2019.
Jenna Haze now

The woman is currently not starring in porn films, but continues to work in the erotica genre and publishes candid photos on her Instagram page.

Fans note that the star manages to keep herself in shape – she weighs 42 kg at a height of 160 cm.

Jenna Haze Filmography

2002 – Soloerotica
2003 – “Deep Trouble”.
2004 – Under the Cover of Darkness
2005 – Penetration Nation
2006 – “Secret Desires”
2007 – “SuperPeople”
2008 – “Massive Facials”.
2009 – Adrenaline: High Voltage.
2013 – Wolf’s Den
2014 – The Pursued Deal.

Jenna Haze Instagram

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