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Chloe Jones Biography

Biography of Chloe Jones, an American actress, did not work out the way she wanted, and instead of Hollywood films had to go to a porn movie. In the process of filming the girl used drugs, and because of this, her future was pre-ordained.

Chloe Jones Childhood and adolescence

Melinda Dee Jones, who took the name Chloe, was born June 17, 1975 in a large family of ordinary American and his young wife. The couple raised three girls of different ages and characters, and the future actress was in the position of the youngest and most disenfranchised sister.

In 1982, 29-year-old father died in a car accident and mother Donna Jones was forced to work and raise three children alone. Chloe went to Silsby High School and showed a thirst for knowledge, so was the envy of her classmates and the respect of her teachers.

At a young age, having an attractive appearance (at 165 cm in height weight ranged from 50 to 53 kg), she left her mother’s house and went to California to begin a career as an actress in spite of detractors and enemies.

Chloe Jones Personal life

The model and actress had several affairs in her personal life. Her first legitimate spouse was a guy named Jason Starrock. He twice saved the girl from a suicide attempt and, unable to withstand the strain, left after a short time.

Next in Chloe’s life came Michael Scorpio, who was also a porn actor and therefore accepted the girl completely as she was. He soon became the actress’ second husband and manager, and he considered it a great honour to be by her side.

In the 2000s, the couple had children together, first a daughter and then two twins. Subsequently, the relationship fell apart due to Jones’ addiction to drugs and the arrests to the police station for drinking alcohol behind the wheel.

In an interview with National Enquirer magazine, Chloe, talking about boyfriends, mentioned that she dated an actor called Charlie Sheen. But the information was denied the existence of an affair with Chris Miguez, who in the summer of 2005 became the last of her men.

Chloe Jones Films

With no professional skills, Chloe with $ 400 in her pocket, settled in Los Angeles and began to conquer Hollywood. At first she had no idea that going to castings and filming in the extras – it’s hard work.

Soon she got used to the frantic rhythm of new life and began to enjoy the occasional role. She appeared in soap operas and late-night comedy shows and spent some unforgettable happy days with renowned actors.

One of the best memories was the project about Norma Jean Mortenson, the American actress who became famous as Marilyn Monroe. Despite the image with no lines and a 3-minute on-screen appearance, Jones thought this would be the start of a stellar film career.

Dreams were not destined to come true as the talent was not noticed by directors and Chloe took a number of photos for glossy magazines and advertisements. The image of a blonde with a bodacious form appealed to television managers, and the girl was invited to play the role of an extra in a series of evening programmes.

Realizing that she would not be able to add masterpieces to her filmography, Jones began a career as a model in erotic magazines for men. To avoid becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of relatives and classmates, Chloe changed her name and used it as a pseudonym.

In the late 1990s the beauty shot for many publications including Vanity Fair, Hustler, Swank and Playboy. She also became girl of the month in the American version of Penthouse and, receiving decent royalties, was quite happy with her fate.

In the early 2000s, adult film managers reached out to Jones, and without desire or enthusiasm she signed a contract with them. Working for New Sensations, she appeared in a dozen projects.

After the release of the well-rated Sweetwater video, the porn actress collaborated with Vivid Entertainment and visited many exotic countries. By the age of 29, she had decided to end a dubious career and find a serious business.

Chloe Jones Death

While working in the porn industry, Jones took alcohol and drugs and secretly dreamed of starting a new life. At the hospital, where she was admitted in an unconscious state, doctors informed her that her liver was failing and a transplant was needed.

Chloe did not wait in line for the procedure, passing away on the eve of her 30th birthday, the official cause of death being chronic cirrhosis. A modest funeral in Houston was attended only by family and friends, who grieved sincerely.

Chloe Jones Filmography

2000 – Penthouse: Working Women.
2002 – Sweetwater.
2003 – Air Erotica.
2003 – Where the Boys Aren’t 16: Dark Angels.
2003 – Where the Boys Aren’t 17
2003 – Stripper’s Ball

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