Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston Biography

Chanel Preston is a talented American porn actress. Her luscious form is growing an army of fans every year. She is not afraid to take on difficult roles, loves experimenting and has won awards for her professional work in the porn industry.

Chanel Preston Childhood and youth

Preston was born on December 1, 1985 in Alaska. Her parents gave their daughter the name Rachel Ann Taylor. The child was of mixed descent – Chanel received roots of English, German and Spanish ancestors.

From an early age, the girl showed artistic talent. Rachel played in amateur productions, took piano lessons. The range of hobbies of the future actress of adult films included dancing, painting and playing the trumpet. The girl felt at ease on stage and was not afraid of the audience.

Chanel Preston Films

A few years later the girl decided to leave the cold Alaska and moved to Hawaii, where she began working as a stripper. Later Chanel went on a trip to American states. In one of them, Preston met a guy who, appreciating her potential, offered to star in 18+ films.

Preston was soon working with a movie production company Vivid Entertainment. In 2010, there was a premiere shoot for Chanel. Her scene partner then became the popular porn actor Nick Manning. Already in the first films performer showed skill, good acting. This was appreciated by film critics in the porn industry – for the role in 2010, Preston won many awards, including the AVN Awards.

The type of girl was organically fit into adult films – at a height of 173 cm artist has a weight of 59 kg. In addition, she has got big breasts. To these virtues added boldness actress, a desire to experiment with both classic and unconventional film material, which made Chanel in demand in American porn.

This has resulted in numerous awards and accolades, of which Preston has been the recipient for several years. By 2018, the actress had managed to star in more than 800 films. Chanel is able to create different images on screen with ease, she gets into the roles of heroines, which makes her acting organic and natural.

At the same time, the uninhibited beauty outside of the set turns into a modest girl, who can often be seen reading a book or writing. In addition to pornographic films, the artist has also appeared in music videos. For example, in 2012, she participated in the filming of singer Russ Irwin’s video “Bring Me Home”. And in 2015, Chanel starred in a Bust video for a song by rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

In addition, pictures presenting porn parodies of famous Hollywood films are very popular among Preston’s fans. Such films include Iron Man: Adult Parody, Mad Dogs: Adult Parody and others.

In 2014, a new page opened in the biography of the American adult film performer. She and her fellow three actresses were interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine, which led to the article “Four porn stars on how they stay in demand”. The article talked about the special features of working in 18+ films, and how actors starring in such films live their lives.

In the spring of the same year Chanel launched an educational project, a web series on sex education. Cosmopolitan magazine supported this project and published the first episode. The series dealt with the influence of society and upbringing on the formation of ideas about sex. She used funds from her personal company Indie Gogo to finance the author’s project.

Chanel Preston Private life

The press has no materials about the romances of a porn actress. Fans of Preston’s work do not know whether she has a husband and children.

Chanel Preston now

The actress continues to be active in adult films in 2019. On Instagram, Preston posts seductive photos and videos. Chanel also has a personal website where you can get a closer look at her work.

Chanel Preston Filmography

2009 – “Hot and Angry”.
2010 – “Love Square”.
2010 – “Speed”
2010 – “Tempted”
2011 – “The Prize”
2012 – “Chanel Preston Unlimited”
2012 – “Romeo and Juliet”
2013 – “Indecent Talk”
2013 – “Behind the Green Door Again”
2014 – Diary of a Pervert

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