Briana Banks biography and personal life

Briana Banks Biography

The porn industry has a long and storied history and in spite of prohibition and restrictions, stars have been made. Briana Banks is one such actress who has won many awards and has a considerable filmography.
Childhood and youth

Briana – American by mother and German by father, was born in Munich May 21, 1978. When she was 4 years old, they moved to England with her mother and younger sister Lauryn. Her father decided to remain in Germany. Three years later the family moves again, this time to Los Angeles in the USA.

The mother was a simple housewife and the father did not bring up daughters. Briana decided to go into adulthood early, at the age of 16. She couldn’t leave her sister in a difficult family situation and took her with her. As soon as Briana became an adult, she took custody of Lauryn.

To earn a living, she had to work as a cook in a pizzeria, an insurance agent and a secretary. At 19 she became a model for the first time – the beauty was on the cover of Teen Magazine and shot for Penthouse magazine.

Briana Banks Films

At the next shoot for the magazine photographer unexpectedly offered the girl to star in porno films. Despite the fact that Briana was a modest girl in school, she agreed. This opened a new page in her biography. She made her debut in 1999 with a scene in the movie “University Fellows”, in which she appeared under the pseudonym of Mirage. There were also shoots in the works of director Ed Powers and the flamboyant Max Hardcore.

She realised she wanted to work in the porn industry. To create a striking image, she decides to undergo two breast augmentation surgeries. Since 2000, the actress is listed in the credits as Briana Banks. In 2001, she signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment.

Since 2006, Banks took a break in the work, but 2 years later returned. In the same 2008-m, she was nominated for 5 awards AVN Awards at the 25th annual adult entertainment show in Las Vegas. In 2011, a porn actress starred in a parody version of the animated series American Dad! Her photo was used on the cover of the disc. After that, a break followed again.

Five years later, the actress decided to return to the profession. In the same year she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame. In an interview about her comeback, the porn star shared that she would act as long as there was at least one fan of her work.

How To Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide is a book written by Briana and her colleagues at Vivid in which they share intimate life tips and personal sexual experiences. In March 2013 she was ranked 5th in the ‘Best porn actresses of all time’ by the Spanish portal 20minutos. To this day, her legs are considered to be the longest of all porn actresses.

Briana Banks Private life

Briana’s personal life included a 3-year marriage to fellow actress Bobby Vitale. A year after the wedding, in 2004, Bobby was hit by a car, damaging his pelvic bones. The man was in a wheelchair for some time. He never managed to return to adult cinema, nor did he succeed in maintaining his relationship with Banks.

In 2006, after breaking up with the porn actor, the erotic star had an affair with Kid Rock, an American musician who was married to Pamela Anderson in the past. However, this union did not last long either – in 2007, Kid left her for another famous blonde, Paris Hilton.

Briana Banks now

According to the official website of Vivid, Banks continues to act now. There are the parameters of the actress: height 178 cm, weight 52 kg.

Briana still resides in Los Angeles, California. Since April 2019, she maintains a Twitter page where she shares candid photos and videos with her fans.

Briana Banks Filmography

1999 – “Virtual Sex with Jenna Jameson”
2001 – “A Big Bust Odyssey”.
2002 – “Double Air Bags 6”.
2002 – “Slick”.
2003 – “10 Magnificent Blondes”.
2004 – “Aftermath”
2005 – “Tarot”
2006 – “Fantasy All-Stars 2”.
2007 – “Perfect Match”.
2010 – “Briana Extreme”
2011 – “Matrimonial Mother Fuckers”
2011 – Pornstars Punishment 4
2013 – Seduced by a Cougar 20

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