Asia Carrera biography and personal life

Asia Carrera Biography

American porn actress Asia Carrera is known exclusively to fans of adult films. In her youth, she never imagined that she would one day become famous in this field, as she was brought up in austerity and showed great promise as an English teacher. In the mid 2000s Asia’s photos shone on the covers of popular erotic magazines and every director wanted to work with her.
Childhood and youth

Carrera was born in late summer 1973 in New York, where she spent the first years of her biography. Asia is not the actress’ real name, her daughter was named Jessica Andrea Steinhauser at birth, but when she started her career in the porn industry, she decided to take a pseudonym. She got her name from the word Asia as she is half Asian and borrowed the surname Carrera from her favourite actress Tia Carrera.

The girl’s father is Japanese and moved to America immediately after the end of World War II, her mother is German by nationality. In addition to Asia, the parents raised three other children, two sons and a daughter.

Carrera did well in school, English was her best subject. So at 16, she went to Japan as an exchange student, where she taught her mother tongue to Japanese pupils. Also, the girl differed and creative talents, with a child playing the piano, and by 13 years giving concerts in New York’s famous “Carnegie Hall”.

Her parents raised their daughter strictly and often forbade her to go out, insisting that she study more. This led to her running away from home at the age of 17, but Asia had nowhere else to go and she soon returned, graduating high school and enrolling in college. Secretly from her parents she started working part-time as a stripper in a bar after classes, as pocket money was often in short supply. This led to introductions to photographers and nude photo shoots.

Asia Carrera Films

The first pornographic films appeared in Asia’s career in 1993. Then famed in those circles producer Bud Lee got his hands on erotic pictures of Carrera, the girl’s appearance interested him and then the man invited the American to a screening in Los Angeles.

Already the first film with her participation gained popularity, for the first year of filming, she managed to work with different producers and appear in the tape “Helping Hand”, “Bad Girls”, “Shame”, “Party Dinner”, “Bangkok Nights”, “Twins,” “Girls from the District” and others. She was nominated for one of her roles at the AVN Awards.

With each year the filmography of the actress increased rapidly, making her even more recognizable and giving Asia a certain fame. Mostly erotic and pornographic films as well as erotic photo shoots, her photos often appeared on the covers and spreads of popular magazines.

Carrera’s activity spanned the years 1995-1997, in the early 2000s the woman appeared less frequently in the frame of such films. After the four hundredth job, Asia decided to leave her porn career as an actress and re-trained as a director. With a lot of experience in the field, she started making films herself.

Asia Carrera Personal life

Despite her fame in certain circles, Asia still managed to build a personal life when she was young. During the years of active shooting, she married a porn producer Bud Lee, who gave her first job in the field, though after six years of marriage, the marriage fell apart, they had no children together.

Almost immediately after their divorce, Carrera went under the altar again, this time with nutritionist Don Lemmon, the woman gave him a daughter and a son. Asia’s husband died when she was eight months pregnant.

Carrera had an unplanned pregnancy in 2012 and did not want to terminate it, but when she gave birth to son Nico, she decided to give the boy up for adoption. The family was chosen among acquaintances, close friends of the actress wanted to take the child, in whose family she could observe and communicate with him.

In 2015, Asia was seen driving a car while intoxicated, with a child in the car with her.

Asia Carrera now

Asia is not starring in porn films now, she has not released any new videos in 2019, the woman has probably finally quit the porn industry and decided to devote herself to raising children. Carrera posts photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Asia Carrera Filmography

1995 – “Where There Are No Boys”.
1995 – “Cat’s House”
1995 – “Frankenstein”
1998 – “Close Strangers”
1998 – “Porn in Gothic Style”.
2000 – “In Search of a Dream”.
2001 – “Euphoria”
2002 – “Roadblock”
2002 – “Counterfeit”
2003 – “Wet Pleasures”.
2004 – “Deep Inside Celeste”.

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