Alexis Texas biography and personal life

Alexis Texas Biography

Alexis Texas is a porn actress and adult film director. Just four years after her industry debut, the British magazine Maxim ranked the lushly blonde blonde among the dozen most talented porn stars.

Alexis Texas Childhood and youth

The adult film star was born in 1985 to an American officer named Stevens at a US base in Panama. The gorgeous blonde’s ancestors include not only Aryans (German and Norwegian) but also Puerto Ricans.

Alexis spent her childhood in the Texas town of Castroville, which now has a population of about 3,000. After high school, she worked as a bartender and a nurse in a nursing home. Stevens also studied respiratory therapy at the University of Texas College. Her undergraduate medical degree allows Alexis to play the roles of nurses in pornographic films particularly convincingly.

Alexis Texas Films

In 2006, the girl starred in her first adult film and changed her last name. In her chosen pseudonym Texas feels nostalgic for her childhood state. The porn actress is famous for her anal sex scenes and has even been called the ‘Queen of Buttocks’.

The actress is no stranger to the anorexic fashion industry’s self-imposed anorexic sculpture. According to official data, at a height of 173 cm Alexis weight is 64 kg. However, the gorgeous bust and buttocks look like they’re bigger.

Texas’ trademark is humour. The actress has starred in a string of porn parodies of blockbusters. Alexis and her colleagues have already “reimagined” Ghostbusters, the Batman saga and the TV series Clinique.

Standing out in Texas’ filmography, which includes many pornographic films, is the comedy horror film “Bloodlust” directed by Dan Lentz. The film has not been well received by critics or audiences. But ill fortune is the beginning: a star like Sylvester Stallone, in a great movie also came out of the porn industry.

Indirectly, Alexis is involved in the film “The Passion of Don Juan”. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is so addicted to watching porn (in which Texas shines) that he can not establish a personal life. “Competitors” screen “queen of the buttocks” in the battle for John’s heart are the heroines of Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore.

Alexis Texas Personal life

In 2008, Alexis married fellow pornographer Pete Lo Bianco, a performer of Jewish-Italian descent known to audiences as Mr. Pete. The porn stars’ marriage fell apart after five years.

Although millions of men are dreaming about Alexis’ gorgeous body, she is not going to get a new husband. Share a home with the actress two dogs – a French bulldog and a pug, photos of which often appear on the Instagram Texas.

Alexis Texas now

2018 was an important year in Alexis’ biography – Texas won the XRCO Award, an American film award given annually to a trio of male actors and a trio of actresses for their achievements and seniority in the porn industry.

The star claims she will set up a chain of massage and spa parlours after she “retires”. In 2019, videos with fitness classes from Texas are circulating on the internet.

Alexis Texas Filmography

2007 – “Chick flick”.
2007 – Hillary for President.
2007 – Dirty Obsession.
2009 – “Return of the Ass Queen”.
2009 – “Clinique: XXX parody.”
2010 – “Texas Butt Stories.”
2010 – “Erotic Angels”.
2010 – “Frankenstein in a bikini.”
2010 – “Batman: XXX parody.”
2010 – “Bloodlust.”
2012 – “It’s Not the Ghostbusters: XXX parody”.
2013 – “The Passion of Don Juan”.
2017 – Alexis Loves Girls

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